Junior Olympic Diving

Composed of three levels…Pre Team, JO Team and Elite Team.  This is where divers are developing their list of dives to be competitive at the highest levels.  The age of the diver dictates the necessary skills for competition according to World Aquatics and USA Diving.  However, invitation to compete is offered from the coaching staff and will be based on criteria which will include, but not limited to, the following:

    • Proficient skill level at each age group and JO category within ADSD
    • Work Ethic
    • Attitude
    • Team Commitment/Dedication
    • Training attendance


Pre Team – This is the Entry Level of JO diving where divers have conquered basic skills from one and three meter springboard, side of pool/1m platform and various dryland/gym work.  Divers are elaborating on the basic skills they already have to learn competitive dives from all six diving groups.  As dives are learned, the diver continues to refine them and then to build upon them to learn more challenging and difficult dives.  The process continues until the diver has mastered skills and dives to elevate to the JO Team level (by invitation only).

JO Team – This level is for divers training to compete in the Championship series of competitions as well as various invitational meets.  Dithvers are expected to travel/compete in all competitions that they are invited to attend.  Missing scheduled competitions is not acceptable and will lead to removal from the JO Team for a period of time.  The JO Team divers are also preparing to pursue the collegiate level of the sport at the appropriate division…I, II or III.  This will be discussed with the athletes regularly as a group and in more detail individually as the time is appropriate.  This is not a recreational level of diving, although enjoying the process of learning and getting better is highly promoted.

Elite Team – The Elite Team is an invitation only category of ADSD that is composed of the best athletes displaying the highest level of athleticism, diving talent, dedication and work ethic.  Divers are pursuing qualification to national and international competitions and appearing in the finals of such meets.

Novice Group

Divers will advance from the Lessons program to the Novice Group upon successful completion of all the basic requirements of the Lessons program.  The Novice diver will be challenged to add onto basic skills while learning new basic dives and refining basic form.  They will start the process of learning “required” dives in all directions while focused on good training habits.


This is the starting point to learning how to dive.  Although ADSD is a competitive training program, this is Entry Level.  Divers will learn the fundamental building blocks of the competitive sport of diving.  We will introduce the divers to basic skills, techniques and dives as well as terminology that will point them in the right direction.  It is required that all divers are proficient and comfortable swimming in deep water and can tread water for at least one minute.  Further, they should display enthusiasm and willingness to work hard at mastering the various skills being taught.  Due to the nature of the sport of diving, disrespect toward coaches or defiance during training is just not tolerated…all divers need to be at practices for the right reason…to learn and get better!