Aztec Divers San Diego is launching the Re-Opening of ADSD after a three year closure stemming from the Covid virus.  We will offer structured training for experienced divers that are pursuing competition at the highest levels of Junior and Senior diving.  Eventually we will add Lessons classes to our schedule, but at this time we will start with established divers that have at least some competitive experience.  As we grow and secure adequate coaching staff members we will offer beginning level Lessons programming to introduce basic skills necessary to build upon for future advancement.


The cornerstone of ADSD is…”Good Safe Dives…Always!!!”


Please visit our Registration page for more information to get started.  All divers will be required to be members of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and have a current membership card.  Please submit a copy of the AAU Membership Card with the ADSD club fees payment.  If you do not have a current AAU membership card, you can easily go to and register. 

Aztec Divers San Diego

Club Code:  W3C3D7

Please choose the AB (Added Benefit) level of membership.